Friday, May 22, 2009

Grandma's First-Aid Remedy

My youngest son recently fell off his scooter and scraped his knee. I immediately pulled the first-aid ointment from the medicine cabinet and as all mother's do, I "made it all better". Thoughts of my grandmother came to mind and her infamous "cure-all" ointment. She always had a tin of Bag Balm in her cabinet...yes, that foul-smelling topical antiseptic ointment used on Cows' udders! Although the smell was offensive and the ointment itself was greasy, it always healed any cuts, scrapes, and dry skin, as well as soothed burns.

As you can imagine, I was never fond of using something that was meant to be used on a cow's udders! My grandmother soon discovered that Watkins' Petro-Carbo salve worked even better and it didn't have that awful odor. Still packaged in the nostalgic tin I remember as a child, Petro-Carbo Salve has become a must for my medicine cabinet. It's safe and effective for healing cuts and burns and relieving sore, irritated skin. And it also works well for drawing out splinters! It even comes in a small travel size tin which I always keep in my purse for those unexpected first-aid needs.

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