Monday, June 8, 2009

And the winner is.....

I am so excited to announce that the winner of my first Giveaway here at Kim's Country Kitchen is Denise of Momma B's Front Porch! Congratulations just hold off on making any more ice cream until the "good" vanilla arrives!

For those who entered but didn't win..I'll be offering a free Watkins sample pack to the first FIVE people who leave a comment on this post. Thank you for entering and please stop by often. I'll be adding new recipes on a regular basis and hope to have another Giveaway soon!


  1. YEA...going to make some mmore ice ceam....and going to order some stuff casue I have to make those lemon bars...mmmmmmm...
    I know watkins makes good products cause my mom used it when I was growing up...i had no idea they were still in glad they are

  2. my grandma used to use the Watkins Vanilla-I would love to try some Watkins products

  3. HOMEMADE VANILLA ICE CREAM!!! Does that ever sound yummy.
    Congratulations Denise!!!
    And Kim, I would love to try one of the sampler packs and get a catalog. I 'd like to try that lavender dishsoap.


  4. Congrats Denise!! And thanks Kim for your a great blog!!

  5. I'm new to the Watkins stuff. Cant' wait to look up more on your blog. :)